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Northern Redfoot Tortoises

Look for "more of the story".. in the September '06 issue of Reptiles magazine. Clic on link
--- Redfoot Breeding Notes

Click on "SONshine" left to see the current breeding group that has made hatchlings since 2005.

2015 egg-laying video coming soon!

Redfoot Care re-vamp going on.. click on baby hatching!

Click on "my keeper" left.. to see his "Available" siblings - these are F2 { 2nd generation } hatchlings!


"How to Order & Pay & Terms Of Service" -- HERE


Brazilian Redfoot Tortoises

Click on the Brazilian { a.k.a. Cherryhead } pair left to see all about them.. and any AVAILABLE !


Diamondback Terrapins

Click on the "Blue" pair left to see all about the different sub-species of Diamondback Terrapins.c

NewNNNNSeSee NEW sub-species pics and story.. NOW!

Click on GoldCrown left to see all about How to care for and set-up a good habitat for Diamondback Terrapins.

Click on baby left to see what terrapins might be "AVAILABLE".. along with future breeders' . etc. Lots of pics!


About Turtletary ..


Introducing the FIRST ever.. Turtletary Terrapin hatchling!

He was 7 days old in these pics -

Be sure to clic pics [ above and below ] 2x for full view!


From the past..


Kinixys erosa - a.k.a. "Forest Hingeback.. the African 'swamp' tortoise".. click pic left !

G.elegans - a.k.a "Indian Star" tortoises.. click pic left !

[ still editing ] Clemmys guttata - a.k.a. "Spotted" turtle.. shown in pic left are F2 - click it !

Just sharing photos from around the country.. click on dock left.



See everything from "Eggs Laid" to "Hummingbirds Blinking"



Diamondbacks from past and present.. etc., etc., etc.



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